A Close Look at Eli Gershkovitch’s Entrepreneurial Endeavours

While Eli Gershkovitch seems to be an accomplished entrepreneur, he lacks the haughty persona of many Fortune 500 companies’ stereotypical leaders. Instead, Eli approaches life with an attitude you would expect from a work-class person. Eli Gershkovitch’s idea to build a brewing empire was driven by his desire to control his life. While competitors may be fooled by Eli Gershkovitch’s cool and calm personality, he is a master of business. His motto is to grow to meet demand instead of waiting for it to shrink to meet you. Eli Gershkovitch’s motto is tested and backed by economics. Again, it has helped him to create a business model that focuses on continuous improvement and innovation. He believes that robust new companies will eventually surpass stagnant firms shortly.


Competition in the Canadian brewing industry continues to intensify. New microbreweries are being set up in British Columbia and Ontario each year. While some of these breweries will probably shake the market with innovative ideas, many of them will likely fail within a few years of existence. To stay afloat, Eli Gershkovitch counters these innovations by implementing his creative ideas. He vows that his company, Steamworks, will stand the test of time by remaining competitive (OttawaCitizen).


Steamworks started as a small pub in 1995 in Gastown, Vancouver. Over time, Eli Gershkovitch expanded the small brewery into a staple of Vancouver’s culture. The firm stays committed to its “expand to meet demand” mantra. Steamworks started as a small pub with only 184 seats. Today, with 754 seats, Steamworks not only attracts locals but foreign tourists on a regular basis. As a strategy to consolidate its presence in Vancouver, Steamworks has opened several restaurants and bars. That has helped increase the popularity of the Steamworks brand throughout Vancouver.


Steamworks leverages Eli Gershkovitch’s innovative and traditional business ideas to outperform opportunistic competitors. The company competes on the grounds of quality, quantity, and price by providing consumers with quality craft beers at affordable prices. That has helped keep Steamworks’ revenue afloat on short-run. However, Eli Gershkovitch acknowledges that long-run success depends on meeting specific customer demands.

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