A Statement About The Mountain Water Quality

If you have heard the rumors about the mountain water quality in Olympic Valley, Ca you should rest assured. There were reports about E Coli and coliform bacteria being found in the water in Squaw Valley, but there is better news coming out of the situation in recent days.


Due to heavy flooding in October there was an issue with some of the water in the upgraded water system in High Camp and Gold Coast. It was an unusual weather event that caused the issues in the water. However, it is noted in the statement that the water was never available to the public, and it was a completely contained issue.


Routine testing showed that there was in fact contamination in the water. As soon as this was noticed the local Environmental Health and Public Health agency was contacted. They took a lot of steps to ensure that the water quality would be brought back to par with what it should have been. With their efforts they were able to bring the water quality back to usable quality.


While the public may have been alarmed by the issues that they heard about in rumors, there was no real reason to be. The rumors were alarmist and exaggerated. It turns out that since the water was never available to the public in the first place, there was no real risk to anyone.


It is to the great credit of those who work on these made sure that they reacted so quickly. They understood that people might be troubled and they wanted to make sure that the new water system was usable for the public as soon as possible. Now that things are being resolved it should be noted that there is still bottled water available to those who are in those areas impacted.

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