Academy of Arts University produces award winning designers

The School of Fashion at the Academy of Arts University held its 21st runway showcase on September 9, 2017. The fashion show featured diverse backgrounds including designers from China to Maine. The diversity brought many new and unique designs to the stage. Also gracing the stage was Ms. J Alexander from Americas Next Top Model.
Through the studies at the Academy of Art University, all of the designers were able to showcase their originality. Hailun Zhou was able to take her love for photography, studied at the university, and turn it into designs for outerwear. Ryan Yu used the study of light and the philosophy of how it leads us out of darkness to inspire his designs. All of the designers were able to take what they had learned from the university and incorporate their ideas into award winning designs. The show was amazing with 15 minutes of runway time. The designers were able to showcase in front of other peers, future mentors and also the whole world through virtual reality.
The Academy of Arts University was established in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. The Academy has over 18,000 students and has become one of the largest design academy’s in the nation. The school offers about 25 subjects and degrees from Associates to Masters degree. Graduates from the academy have been hired by well know companies such as Apple and Nike. The Academy has grown to over 18,000 students & is the largest design university in the nation. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and the Masters of Fine Arts degree from the academy are both recognized by the council for Interior Design Accreditation. The Master of Architecture from the academy has been recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.
Richard Stephens dreamed of creating a University that produced aspiring artists, and this he most assuredly did. The University’s ability to provide diverse programs has brought forth a new generation of incredible designers and a school that has been recognized as 1 of its best in the industry.