Bernardo Chua Promoting Organo Products for Health Benefits

Bernardo Chua is a man committed to advocating the health benefits of a mushroom from his native Philippines, Ganoderma lucidium, which is obtained from the lingzhi mushroom. Chua has endeavored to promote the health benefits of this product and has used Ganoderma lucidium in coffees, teas, and even hot chocolate.

PR News Wire reported that Berndao Chua is assured of the health benefits of this mushroom and has devoted the greater part of his life to being its advocate. He is backed up by Ancient Chinese medicine, which has used the Ganoderma lucidium mushroom for its health and heart benefits for 2000 years.

For a world looking for a natural health elixir, Ganoderma lucidium may just be the missing ingredient in the hectic life of modern man. When combined with our favorite beverages, coffee and tea, it becomes an easy to ingest and simple way to improve our individual health.

Berndao Chua founded ORGANO GOLD™ in 2008 in Canada and constructed a plant that produces both Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur brands for his customer base. Chua offers his products to the world through an extensive Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system that is in operation around the world. His operation has met with great success and in 2015 Chua shortened the name of his company to ORGANO™.

Bernado Chua has structured his company on the MLM principle that has proven to work successfully in the Philippines and elsewhere around the Pacific rim. It is very simple for each agent who realizes the health benefits of Ganoderma lucidium to promote the individual products but also the health benefits.



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  1. If an agent appears healthy and happy, then the customer may be convinced of the efficacy of the products being offered for sale. Hearing the testimonial of an advocate of Ganoderma lucidium is a great sales technique and sales tool. It is the wish of Ganoderman to support for a long time.

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