Betsy DeVos: One of the Most Reputable Philanthropists in the World

Betsy DeVos is known for her role in education reform. She is best known as a strong advocate of the educational choice movement. Mrs. DeVos pushes for reform through numerous non-profit roles. She chairs the “Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation“, a channel through which she extends her charity towards the community around her.

Mrs. DeVos’ Views on School Choice

In an interview with Philanthropy roundtable, Mrs. DeVos responded about her role in educational reform with a special emphasis on school choice. Mrs. DeVos revealed that the number of children in educational-choice programs had grown rapidly. According to Mrs. DeVos, many people have embraced the notion of the irrelevance of traditional public schools and are gradually welcoming radical reforms like tax credits, education savings accounts, and vouchers.

How Mrs. DeVos Joined The Education Reform Movement

Mrs. DeVos interest in education reforms begun when she visited “Potter’s House Christian School”. The school had been serving low income families in Grand Rapids. Mrs. DeVos experienced first-hand how parents were struggling to have their children study in a safe and convenient environment. Mrs. DeVos was touched by this spectacle seeing she could afford to have her children study in any school that was good for them. It is this experience that led her to start supporting students at the school. Eventually, these small philanthropic acts became a larger commitment and up to date the DeVos family makes large contributions to cater for students studying at Potter’s House.Shortly after engaging in philanthropic activities at Potter’s House, Mrs. DeVos’ husband, Dick DeVos run for the “State Board of Education” in Michigan. He got elected in 1990. Meanwhile, Mrs. DeVos started a foundation that provided scholarships to families with low-income. The foundation gave parents the opportunity to take their children to the best schools. Since this foundation would only benefit a few, Mrs. DeVos and her husband embarked on a campaign for education reforms that would impact the whole country.

Betsy DeVos’ Profile

She has been involved in politics for over three decades. Betsy has been elected four times as chairman of the “Michigan Republican Party”. She has been in various leadership roles with party organizations, campaigns, and political action committees. Currently, she is involved in promoting educational choices.Betsy is an active member of her community. She used to serve as the chair of the “Philanthropy Roundtable” and “American Federation for Children” board of directors. She has also been in other local and national boards including; “Foundation for Excellence in Education“, “Art Prize”, “American Enterprise Institute”, and the “DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the University of Maryland”. Betsy graduated from the “Holland Christian High School” and got her degree in Arts from “Calvin College” (Michigan). She is the wife of community activist and philanthropist, Dick DeVos.

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