Class Dojo Is Stepping In To Improve The Standards Of Education

They personally went around to many different schools and spoke with teachers and staffing to get their opinions on the conditions and state of things in the schooling environment nowadays. Their responses is what inspired the duo to start up the Class Dojo company and create the educational platform that has become widely popular today. The app they created allows for teachers and parents to check in on students to see their progress and how they are doing as well as provide feedback and encouragement.

In the United States, Class Dojo has manged to find itself in more than two thirds of all schools, where it has come a long way in improving children engagement and confidence. One of the biggest things that the app has accomplished is vastly improving on the levels of communication that has ever been available to students, parents, and teachers. The best part about it is the fact the the platform is completely free to use and get started on, only require a teachers invitation to get signed up. All that is needed is an active internet connection and device to run the app. There is no risk either as participation can always be ended at anytime and all information is secure on the platform.

Word of mouth alone spread the Class Dojo platform very far, because its effectiveness was plain to see for those involved. The company plans to keep improving on their features and software in the future in order to expand their platform even further, with the goal of improving schooling environments all over the globe to help students obtain better learning. Class Dojo’s founders, Sam and Liam, believe that kids learn much better through active involvement from their parents and peers, while receiving encouragement to boost their confidence in their abilities.

Class Dojo conveniently works on nearly all devices today, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and all that is required is an internet connection. As a free to use tool, anyone can get started using this great educational tool today.

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