DAMAC Properties And The All-New Reva Residences, Courtesy Of CEO Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani, one of the Middle East’s most popular and prolific businesspeople, is making rounds across the globe’s news media channels for bringing yet another apartment complex to the world. DAMAC Properties, a real estate development entity that Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chief executive, announced just one month ago that it would be constructing a luxury apartment complex in the Business Bay region of the United Arab Emirates‘s own Dubai, the economic capital of the entirety of the Middle East.


DAMAC Properties, in a press release penned by a representative of CEO Hussain Sajwani’s corporate creation, shared that it would be offering both single and double bedroom apartments, the former starting at just AED 699,000 per room.


Clients not interested in paying the full purchase price up front are pleased to know that they can pay as little as one percent of the total balance up front, with consumers being eligible for up to 45 percent matched by DAMAC Properties and CEO Hussain Sajwani upon closure of the agreement.


Reva Residences, as the apartment complex is slated to be named, will be in Dubai’s Business Bay, located directly next door to planet Earth’s largest shopping mall in history, countless restaurants with world-class food, and several forms of immediate entertainment. Some of these entertainment opportunities include beautiful parks, jogging and bicycling paths located directly beside running water, and other places to take oneself or their family for enjoyable weekend excursions.


The luxury apartment building will contain some of the housing market’s finest amenities, in addition to top-notch concierge service that operates 24 hours every day, 365 per year – 366 days during leap years.


Rooms will come equipped with full lines of luxury furniture, all of which have been designed by one of the world’s top design firms, chef-style kitchens, roomy bathrooms with high water pressure, and shared amenities no more than a few floors away.


A large swimming pool with temperature control is available indoors, something not every apartment complex is fortunate enough to have, as well as a playground for children and adolescents, and a landscaped courtyard.