Desiree perez Stands Up For Women In The Music Industry

The media and recording industries have recently been shocked by the outpouring of issues and problems seen in this sector following the allegation made against the Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein regarding inappropriate behavior towards female stars of the silver screen. In the wake of the “#MeToo” campaign and the success of rather subdued choices made at the Grammy’s and Golden Globe Awards, one would expect male media personalities to consider their words carefully when discussing the role of gender in the entertainment industry.

Desiree Perez, COO of the Roc Nation record label and media company has recently signed an open letter to the Board of Trustees of the Recording Academy to criticize the role of President Neil Portnow who claimed female musicians needed to step up. Perez was joined by five other powerful female executives in condemning the words of the Recording Academy President and described the whole organization as out of touch with the real workings of the music industry; Desiree Perez is not a female executive who is willing to work in the patriarchal community which once existed in the entertainment industry and is battling for a brighter future for her own growing stable of female Roc Nation stars.

Not only has Perez built a close working relationship with Beyonce but also finds time to use the Roc Nation TIDAL service to bring attention to unsigned and newly signed artists she deems worthy of the time of her followers. In fact, TIDAL has been one of the main areas of success for Desiree Perez as she negotiated a deal with telecom giant Sprint which has changed the fortunes of the music streaming platform; the deal with Sprint is so impressive it was claimed the pre-orders of downloads of Jay-Z’s last album allowed it to be platinum-selling long before it was officially release.