Dick and Betsy DeVos charity work worth $139M

It is evident why dick and Betsy DeVos attract a lot of attention, and criticism because of their enormous political donations. However, those are just pocket change if compared to the contribution they make to charity which in recent times adds up to $139 million throughout their lifetime.


Betsy DeVos, the current US Education nominee, is being scrutinized ahead of her confirmation for her links to the school choice and contributions to the Republican Party. The couple based in West Michigan is putting open all cash that their foundation has given out.


Some $11.6 million were given out by the DeVos foundation in 2015 alone.This was per the new report release on the organization’s website.That is double the $5.3 million of campaign giving’s over the past five years when Betsy DeVos had been reporting to the national government as she was being vetted for the post of Education Secretary.


For decades, the couple has been playing significant roles in the Republican Party politics.It is a family tradition where they have been led by Rich DeVos the co-founder of Amway and also Dick’s dad. In 2015, Rich DeVos and his four adult children gave out $104 million to charity. This landed the family at the 24th position on Forbes recent top givers in America.


According to the data provided by the family, Forbes listed the extended DeVos family’s overall donations at $1.33 billion, in other words, a quarter of approximately its $5.2 billion fortune. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of the Edgar Prince, was an industrialist with Holland. Their family is also famous for its donations to charity and political givings.


Education is a priority for both Dick and Betsy’s work in philanthropy. They channeled over $3million towards educational services. That year this accounted for 26 percent of their givings. Besides that, the DeVos Foundation gave $357,000, or merely 3 percent to teams that supported reforms in the education sector.Dick DeVos says the priority they have given is to improve education and this can be reflected in their donations.


While being interviewed, Mr. DeVos said that it had been crystal clear to them that in a long tie, the present system was not meeting the American dream.He observed that kids were growing up in a wrong way in that they couldn’t access the great American dream or have the education that is necessary to help the realize the American dream.


Their critics say that the vouchers and charters for schools being championed by Dick DeVos took away tax from the traditional public school pumping them to the private institution. Mr. DeVos said the aim of choice was to handle the fallings of the one size fits all education n open platform hence shouldn’t be seen as cruising the employees.



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