Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Cosmetics

If you live in this century, then you have probably heard of Lime Crime, a company started by Doe Deere that deals with cosmetics. Set up in 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics was meant to provide makeup for self-expression. To show your freedom to the world and not just a way to conceal imperfections. Doe Deere, a Russian who moved to New York City at 17 and majored in fashion and design, derived the name.

Lime Crime was set up to create a look for her DIY fashion line, which she designed and modeled. The lack of bright and vivid colors on the market in 2008 inspired her to start her makeup line. The brand name came from her favorite shade of green, lime. The crime part just seemed to rhyme. However, the name has now come to represent the boldness of the make up the company produces.

Lime Crime has been very profitable because it creates colorful and even magical makeup. The lipsticks, eye shadows, and even nail polishes are statements in themselves. Different makeup shades are said to represent different moods, which is a trend many people are embracing. The company was also among the first makeup companies to try the on-lip swatch — The idea of trying out and marketing lipstick on actual lips and not just pieces of paper for online customers. This has gone a long way to promote online shopping and is a trend that has been embraced by many makeup producers since then.

Lime Crime products are all vegan, developed in labs by chemists and tried on by Dee Deere herself before they are released for sale to customers. This feature appeals to vegan unicorns. Leaping Bunny also certifies the company as cruelty-free.

The reason Lime Crime has been successful is partly due to the commitment to their customers or unicorns and the evolving trends. Lime Crime has a supportive and attentive customer care line that has proven very efficient, in particular through the setbacks that the company has encountered over time. Doe Deere’s husband who is also part of the company has helped steer it to its current position.

In general, Lime Crime is the ideal online shopping cosmetics store for you. The makeup colors are magical, colorful, and animal-friendly. You can view the shade you want from their on lip swatches and the highly efficient customer care line.


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