Executive leadership role model Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman man is a prominent entrepreneur and brilliant

executive manager. As a business revolutionary, Glen has been a mentor to many

entrepreneurs who wish to make it business management. His main work revolves

around helping startups, creating new performance methodologies and development

of M&As. Today, Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC which is a SAAS

corporation. It was founded in 2015. He is a holder of an economics degree and

an MBA in finance.

Glen Wakeman is passionate about business and likes to mentor

upcoming entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. He is popular for his invention of

the 5 key dimensions of performance methodology. These are human capital,

execution, risk management, leadership, and power. Glen Wakeman also inspires others by

his writings on financial and business management insight. He has had a lot of

experience in the corporate management, and emerging markets. Glen Wakeman is also a

keen market strategist and has offered counsel to top level management of huge

firms such as the Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. Glen Wakeman has been able to

distinguish from the rest in corporate management by being innovative and

original, characteristics others lack.

Glen Wakeman also provides advice in the areas of international

financing, angel investing and capital raising due to his experience in dealing

with global leadership affairs. Glen Wakeman is worth recognition for his works since

very few have been able to achieve what he has in corporate management and

startups development.

LaunchPad Holdings.is an enterprise that focused on helping

startups stand on their own. Glen says that he felt there was something wrong

with start-ups since most of them come from very good ideas but unfortunately

most of them end up going down. Glen Wakeman through LaunchPad holdings decided to chip

in and help startup come up with a plan that will see them implement their

ideas. He came up with a software platform that addresses the problems that he

saw many startups to suffer from.

Glen Wakeman states that for a business to be successful you need to put

your act together. He emphasis on the need of making a continuous assessment of

the business. Assessing every day’s sales and returns is crucial. Another

matter that he stresses on is conducting research to the behavior of your

customers. Ask yourself what does the customer want, how is his/her buying

trend and what influences the decisions. These are key aspects of a business

that you must keep close to you and always look to address them.