Giving Back

TalkFusion opened its doors in 2007 to help people’s lives. TalkFusion is a company that offers video marketing skills. These skills include live meetings, live emails, newsletters, signup forms, and video chats. It covers everything your company can and should use to be successful. It offers thousands of templates that can be customized for your company and made effective for your specific use. With all these options, your company can save time and travel expenses by utilizing each component of TalkFusion.


Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of TalkFusion, is dedicated to helping people build better lives. Known for his remarkable generosity and support of charitable organizations, Reina is no stranger to compassion. He has worked most of his life helping people whether it was volunteer or through his company. He knows that when you empower people with the skills and products they need to be successful, they are better workers and community members. He knows that to be a good leader, you must lead by example. Making the world a better place enables everyone to live better lives.


Bob Reiner is dedicated to helping people and companies. He strives for better ways to improve on each aspect of a company. Wanting people to live happier and better lives is a goal he has had for a majority of his working life. Seeing it come together through a company like TalkFusion makes it all worth while.


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