Go Bold with the Lime Crimes Magical Cosmetics line

Are you searching for a revolutionary lip color that’s bold, vibrant, and full of pizazz. Well look no further, Lime Crime Cosmetics is here, and it’s taking the world over by storm. Lime Crime cosmetics are magical and colorful, and it’s certified Vegan & Cruelty – Free by Peta & Leaping Bunny.


Doe Deer is the Ceo and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe was born in Russia and raised in New York City. As a child she was artistic, imaginative and loved to experiment with hard core color, and she always had pencils and paints in hand. She would put bright and bold colors on everything from clothes, to accessories, to her mom’s makeup. Makeup became a part of her colorful world.


Doe started her company from the ground up back in 2004 with Ebay. She registered an Ebay account, for her new DIY fashion line, “Limecrime.” Doe modeled everything herself, and she wanted her look to be on-brand. Her inspiration for bright and unusual colors were her staple, because those colors were hard to find. She innovatively started her own product line with creativity, and a passion for being bold.


She launched the Lime Crime brand in 2008, and created her very own line of cruelty free cosmetics that are colorful, vibrant, magical, and cruelty free. The Lime Crime cosmetics consist of bold, vivid and bright lipsticks, nail polishes, and eye shadows.


Doe credits says her biggest success, was introducing a new category to the market which is the, liquid- matte lipstick which doesn’t crumble, it stays on, and it’s transfer proof. She tirelessly worked in the labs alongside chemist for months to create the perfect products. Her products are also vegan, Velvetine, which means they contain no animal-derived ingredients. Another big accomplishment for Limecrime was getting the entire line of certified cruelty-free by leap Bunny, which is the most stringent certifier in the industry.


Doe Deere is not just a pretty face, but she’s also a successful business woman and artist who was named one of the top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self magazine. Doe says the name Lime Crime, stands for, “color revolution, breaking the rules and not being afraid to color outside of the lines.”


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