How Has Madison Street Capital Upheld Such A Good Reputation?

Managing corporate assets can be such a big task that sometimes big corporations look to a third party investment banking firm to do it such as Madison Street Capital. The Madison Street Capital reputation is one that is highly esteemed by its clients because their financing needs have been met over the years. The companies that have benefited from Madison Street Capital include ARES Security who was able to find a debt buyer through Madison Street Capital’s work in a minority capital restructure deal. They also advised Maintenance Systems Management on a line of credit deal for the company that allowed them to make much needed acquisitions.


Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago, IL and the kinds of financial management they have overseen is quite diverse. They’ve been most active in the mergers and acquisitions markets in providing the funds and legal framework for companies looking to make big buyouts or form partnerships. They’ve also helped many businesses facing bankruptcy find ways to restructure and reorganize their assets, and thereby turn their finances around to become profitable again. The clients they’ve served come from a broad range of industries including manufacturing, biotech, information technology, retail and wholesale, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.


In addition to helping businesses obtain financing, valuations and restructuring, Madison Street Capital also has tax advisory and business exit services. These are important when the owner of a privately-owned company plans to sell it or pass it down to the next generation and do so without leaving liabilities for the buyer to deal with. The firm also provides business owners with comprehensive planning on increasing the wealth and difference between profits and losses in their estate. Madison Street Capital also takes pride in giving back to their community and supporting humanitarian causes at United Way and various disaster relief funds.


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