InnovaCare Health Advocates for Healthcare Adjustment System in Puerto Rico

Recently, an affiliate corporation of the InnovaCare Health located in New-Jersey commenced operations to contribute to the improvement of health needs in Puerto Rico. The organization began by providing different referrals and physicals to particular care facilities. InnovaCare achieved this due to its power in the location. The health institution oversees the operations of Puerto Rico’s hugest Medicare Advantage health plans known as the Medicare y Mucho Mas. Under the guidance of InnovaCare’s leaders, MMM founded Recargate, which recently addressed its concerns regarding the health care needs of the Puerto Ricans. According to Orlando Gonzalez, MMM President, the people of Puerto Rico require particular attention on certain issues including illness prevention and drug management.


InnovaCare Health supplemented the activities performed by MMM and Recargate. Rick Shinto guided InnovaCare Health into establishing multiple mobile clinics in Puerto Rico after a fortnight of the storm disaster. Successfully, over thirty clinics were opened in the last few months. Additionally, the clinics provide services that are more advanced now, from attending to immediate health issues to longer-term requirements. InnovaCare Health plays a significant role in the facilitation of these facilities because it caters for the medical bills of the patients. Over 250,000 Puerto Rico’s natives have received extensive and adequate health care from the clinics.


Other leaders of InnovaCare Health including Penelope Kokkinides are equally concerned with enhancing health care in Puerto Rico. Consequently, Penelope Kokkinides attended a meeting with President Donald Trump to discuss relevant healthcare legislation. As the Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides comprehends what the healthcare segment entails precisely. As a result, Kokkinides’ time with President Trump and administrator Verma was worth noting. Penelope Kokkinides addressed the relevance of increasing funds directed towards supporting Medicare Advantage services with Puerto Rico. Penelope Kokkinides postulated that the current administration should consider the alterations made in the Medicare Advantage payments to benefit the Puerto Ricans.


Moreover, Penelope Kokkinides stated that fixing cuts in the payment for healthcare services for the people of Puerto Rico is the fiscally responsible thing to do. She postulated that in the instances where Medicaid system fails in Puerto Rico, the residents would be required to leave for the States. As such, the Puerto Ricans would face challenges paying for their medical services due to rising costs. Besides considering the medical plans, Penelope Kokkinides mentioned the relevance of women in the health industry. In the final notice, Kokkinides pioneered the providence of favourable adjustments for the healthcare system in Puerto Rico.