Innovative Doctors Save the Day

Dr.Saad Saad Is an accomplished pediatric surgeon. He has also helped revolutionize the Pediatric Surgical community. He has performed thousands of pediatric surgeries in his career. While performing these surgeries he has noticed some problems with the equipment he was using. So he decided to try to implement some changes.


Dr.Saad Saad invented a new device and this device helps locate catheters in the human body. Before this device, it was necessary to have a scan with an x-ray or an MRI machine. Both of these are impractical because using an x-ray constantly exposes you to radiation on multiple occasions. Additionally, the MRI machine is big and bulky which makes it impractical and difficult to use especially in an emergency. Doctor Saad Saad noticed this problem and decided to fix it. The catheter itself has magnetic material and wires inside of it so Doctor Saad Saad decided that he would use the metal’s magnetism to create a device that could sense where the catheter is inside the human body, without using radiation or a big machine. This device is hard to make which is why manufacturing companies are little reluctant to create them. But one company in Utah has decided to make them so they will probably be used for other doctors in the future of medicine.


This isn’t the only contribution Dr. Saad Saad has had in the medical field. There’s a medical tool called the endoscope. This is a device used to look inside of someone’s body without having to perform a surgical procedure. It is used to look through tubes like the esophagus or windpipe, and it can be used to look inside of someone’s bladder without actually having to cut them open in surgery. The problem with this is that inside of your body are many fluids so while looking inside of someone’s body the lens can get foggy and become unclear. Which means that the doctor now has to take out the endoscope, clean out the fluid and clean off the endoscope to put it back in so they can see.

However, Dr. Saad Saad fixed this problem by coming up with a device that can be used to irrigate inside of the body and suck away any excess fluid without actually having to take out the endoscope. This is a wonderfully useful innovation to the endoscope especially considering that Dr. Saad Saad uses an endoscope frequently to look through body parts like the esophagus because dealing with children means they tend to swallow things a lot, like marbles and toys. So he helped fix the issue of having to remove the endoscope each time the lens gets fogged, and this, in turn, makes the procedure much faster and less invasive.


Dr. Saad Saad created these inventions because of necessity and it is because of doctors with these innovative ideas that we are constantly having medical and scientific advancements. When there is a need doctors like Dr. Saad Saad who think outside the box are indispensable. Learn more: