Jed McCaleb Is Looking To Revitalize The Financial System Of The World As The Co-Founder And CTO Of Stellar

Jed McCaleb is a blockchain cryptocurrency expert, a programmer who is based out of the United States, and the cofounder and CTO of Stellar. He is the creator of Mt. Gox, which was the world’s first bitcoin exchange, and he has been a part of many other companies and ventures along the way. In 2000, McCaleb helped to create eDonkey, which was an early pee-to-peer file sharing site. Along with his other work and projects, he is an advisor to the artificial intelligence researcher, MIRI.


Jed McCaleb helped to build Stellar, which was launched in 2014, and he is a part of the company, because he believes that the current financial system of the world is flawed and in trouble. His function at Stellar is in the technical development department where he leads the way into a future with a stable financial system in place. He is very happy to be a part of the company, because he has always looked for ways to make technologies better and to improve on what he perceives as a broken financial system that could use the help of modern technology.


Jed McCaleb came up with the idea for Stellar after he gained a firm understanding of bitcoin and how the technology behind the cryptocurrency could help by connecting financial institutions all over the world. While many other people continue to look to create more and more cryptocurrencies, he is looking to fix the the financial system on a much larger scale by

linking institutions together so they can improve their offerings to low-income people who do not have bank accounts.


Stellar is already gaining traction and is scalable and free of security issues using the Stellar Consensus Protocol. The network is ran by a community who don’t even work for Stellar, which ensures that it is not internally ran. Stellar, itself, is a contributor to the network, which is a great new way of doing this kind of business, because it ensures that a community of people determine its future rather than one or two people who could become corrupted or work solely for their own needs and financial gain.