Jeremy Goldstein is a Partner at a Law Firm That You Can Trust

If you’re searching for a lawyer to tend to a particular child custody issue, a criminal matter, help with a landlord-tenant issue, or to write your will, please feel free to speak with a lawyer who is fully qualified in the state of New York.


The New York State Bar Association’s lawyer Referral and Information Service has recently launches a brand new online portal in which individuals can find a lawyer who they can depend on to deliver optimal results. It is a service that’s confidential and is available all day. If it is preferred, they’re capable of continuing to utilize the phone service that’s available.


The New York State Bar Association has developed a brand new online technology that is partnered with, which is a national provider of referral management technology and marketplace for the legal industry. Lawyers are capable of scaling the delivery of legal services to greater numbers of individuals at lower costs, create those that are trusted, visit online destinations that have been made for businesses and consumers to rely on the laws of the state of New York, all around the world.


An individual who is striving to find a lawyer can go to the website of and fill out a questionnaire that is confidential and describes their location and legal issue.


The State Bar staff members will match the individual with a certified attorney after reviewing the questionnaire. If the individual is living in one of the 17 counties that has a referral service that is locally run, the State Bar is going to be forwarding the request to an appropriate county bar association.


If an individual ends up talking to an attorney with whom they’ve been referred, there’s a $35 fee for the initial 30 minute consultation. The referrals are absolutely free. Exceptions can be made if any particular matter ends up involving social security, personal injuries, medical malpractice, military and veterans law, worker’s compensation, or unemployment.


The individual isn’t under any obligations to obtain a lawyer after the initial consultation. If he or she ends up acquiring services of a lawyer, additional attorney fees will be determined by the lawyer and the client.


Jeremy L. Goldstein is currently a partner at a boutique law firm that’s dedicated to advising compensation committees, management teams, CEOs, and more. He was a partner at the law firm Wachtell, Rosen & Katz, and Lipton. Mr. Goldstein frequently writes and speaks on executive compensation issues and corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein is someone who you can truly depend on to deliver the services that you need. Jeremy Goldstein is available to take your phone call when you are ready to speak with him about your particular case.


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