Jeunesse Global enters cosmetics market with NV foundation and bronzer

It’s somewhat unusual for a new startup firm to be able to enter a long-established market and not only make genuine contributions but also compete with established players on their own turf. However, this is exactly what Jeunesse Global has been able to achieve with its entrance into the cosmetics market. With its NV foundation and bronzer, Jeunesse Global has directly taken on some of the biggest names in cosmetics. And if the results, so far, are any indication, the company is giving the established players in the industry a serious run for their money.

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse Global back in 2009, they weren’t looking to become the next magnates of the global health and beauty industry. Instead, the newly retired couple was simply looking for a way to pass the boring hours of retirement. Ray and Lewis had been entrepreneurs and workaholics since they were in their 20s. As they approached their 70s, the industrious couple thought that they would give retirement a try, believing that being able to spend more time with each other and their grandkids would counter the boredom that comes with purposeless days. But the couple soon found out that they were not well-constituted for a life of idleness.

They started selling a few health and beauty products out of their garage. Within a year, their new venture, now called Jeunesse Global, had taken to the sky. They were doing more than $1 million in sales each year and had recruited dozens of top distributors throughout the world. The exponential growth continued, unabated, for the next 8 years, leading Jeunesse Global to become one of the top distributors of health and beauty products as well as a top brand in the world.

And it has been through high-demand products, like the company’s NV foundation and bronzer, that Jeunesse has been able to gain such a strong competitive edge in the marketplace. NV is one of the most innovative foundations to come out of the global cosmetics space. And with its anti-aging APT-200 molecule, their simply isn’t another foundation and bronzer like it.