Joel Friant is Bringing Spicy Back

Businessman Joel Friant is one of the entrepreneurs that have revolutionized the spicy industry. Mr. Joel Friant has made his mark on the industry through is product The Habanero Shaker. His life-long love of spicy food gave him the idea for this product which now one of the most highly selling ones in his line fo work.


Initially, Mr. Joel Friant has started establishing his career in the industry of real estate. He built his assets through renovating properties and reselling them fr=or a higher price. Later on, Mr. Joel Friant started using his noodle to help people become homeowners and then he also began working in contract writing and mortgage lending. His work earned Mr. Joel Friant the recognition of being among the most highly performing real estate salesman in the United States of America.


The business that Mr. Joel Friant is currently focusing on has been the Original habanero Shaker. The product is available for purchase on its website, as well as on several large retailers online such as Amazon, and in some supermarkets chains around the United States of America.


The product hit the mare in 1995. After some years Mr. Joel Friant fell off the projects as he had several other businesses on his hands. A few years ago, however, The Original Habanero Shaker returned to the shelves due to the widespread demand of is long-time foodie fans.


So, what is The Original Habanero Shaker and why are people loving it so much? It is a spice that is extremely spicy, and the only ingredient is Habanero pepper flakes. For the people who love some extra kick to their meal, the spice has been a favorite. At the same time, The Original habanero Shaker is not just heat. There is also a flavor that brings smoky and buttery goodness to the meal.


Mr. Joel Friant has been extremely passionate about the shaker. He got the idea for the product when he visited South America and tasted the Habanero pepper for the first time. There was nothing line in back home so he went on to add it to the shelves instead.