Malcolm CasSelle’s Newest Venture Is Crypto, And He’s Going Big

The largest bitcoin merchant in the world isn’t some big bank or a crypto mining farm in China, it’sOPSkins, an online marketplace for the sale of virtual assets such as game skins, or crypto kitties, the brand now infamous for almost grinding Ethereum to a halt because of its popularity. OPSkins has a large following and handles many thousands of micropayments every day. They hold a strong focus on decentralization and cutting out government or institutional interference, which has only led to their further success.

However, like any business, OPSkins didn’t get to where it is now without a few bumps in the road, the largest of which was overcoming their reliance on centralization, which limited the amount of control that their members held over their transactions. Fortunately, Malcolm CasSelle had a solution to this problem and worked tirelessly to bring it into being.

His solution was the worldwide asset exchange platform dubbed WAX. The platform was built upon blockchain technology, and utilized powerful smart contracts in order to create a decentralized crypto platform created specifically for the trade and sale of virtual assets via crypto tokens. The platform allows anyone to not only trade virtual items, but to easily operate a fully-functional marketplace on their own, without having to concern themselves with transaction security, payment processing, or financial infrastructure.

Malcolm CasSelle
Malcolm CasSelle is the man behind WAX. He’s an investor, holding investments in highly successful tech companies in the realm of Facebook and Zynga, as well as technologies such as big data and blockchain verticals. But more than an investor, he’s an entrepreneur. As President of WAX, and CIO of OPSkins, he has a long and impressive career of leadership within the tech industry.

Prior to his affiliation with OPSkins and WAX, Malcolm CasSelle had worked with numerous companies, in a bevy of leadership positions. From working as CTO and President of tronc, CEO of Timeline Labs, and after that was acquired by SeaChange, as SVP and GM of Digital Media there. Moreso, he’s led a number of startups, ranging from Xfire or MediaPass to illustrious joint ventures between companies such as Groupon and Tencent. One of his earlier positions was as co-founder of the Hong Kong telecom, PCCW.