Mathematician Michael Lacey

Michel Lacey was born September 26, 1959. He is one of the greatest mathematicians alive today. He has been very successful throughout his lifetime of implementing new theories and strategies to help young students.

Lacey studied school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With long hours of dedication and studying, Lacey received his doctorate in 1987. While working towards his degree, he worked under Walter Philipp’s discretion while writing his thesis. He wanted to focus on areas towards ergodic theory, probability, and harmonic analysis. Lacey was very talented and a very respected mathematician at that. Learn more about Micheal Lacey:

After earning his degree, Lacey continued his carer and he was hired by Louisiana State University. He was there for quite some time and then he accepted another position in North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While at Chapel Hill, Lacey and Philipp became quite popular. They presented scientific proof similar to the theorem on almost sure central limit.

Chapel Hill didn’t slow Lacey down, there was still much more to be proven and taught. After Chapel Hill, Lacey worked at Indiana University from 1989 until 1996. He accomplished many amazing things while at Indiana University. Lacey received a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

During the time of his Fellowship, Lacey began to study the bilinear Hilbert transform. During the exact time, a man by the name of Alberto Calderon was questioning the transform. He was a little too late though, because in 1966, Lacey and Christoph Thiele were given the Salem Prize for solving the transform.

These are just some of many accomplishments that Lacey has received, he still mentors young students to this day. Since 1966, Lacey has been teaching Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Since joining the facility in 1996, Lacey has received many awards due to his significant research. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

Some other major accomplishments in Laceys’ life include but are not limited to, earning the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004, becoming a member of the American Mathematical society, having some of his research recognized by the Simons Foundations, becoming a director of training grants, and helping undergraduates into graduate programs.

Michael Lacey has been in the students shoes before. He knows and understands what it takes to become successful. He still helps to educate young undergraduates today, because he knows what each one of them are capable of. Dr. Lacey loves forming relationships with his students, and this is how he is able to help them so much, because he knows their strengths and weaknesses.