Michael Zomber… Blast To The Past

Michael Zomber is an antique arms and armor collector. Alongside his wife, they have built success with with many projects including their film production company, Renascent Films. Their works include documentaries about history that tend to go deeper to explain how war has shaped history.

He has been featured on the History Channel’s, Tales of the Gun Series. In this series he discusses wheel lock pistols and flint lock pistols that were used as dueling pistols. He also expounded on guns from the Orient.

As an author Zomber has published a trilogy of books that focus on rural Kentucky post war.

These books are a great read for Civil War buffs. Other publications by Zomber, such as Shogun Iemitsu and Jesus and the Samurai will be enjoyed by individuals with interest in Japanese culture.

Michael Zoomber has over 600 followers on his Facebook account. His posts consist of promotions of his publications and news of other great publications.

According to GoodReads, through this account, followers are able to learn of Micheal Zomber’s personal interests, favorite books and the best way he may be contacted. He has garnered over 80 likes for a post in regards to his publications on Amazon.

Learn more about Michael Zomber: https://www.amazon.com/Michael-R-Zomber/e/B0065KB8UU

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