Mike Baur; Leading startups entrepreneur in Switzerland

Switzerland is booming with tech startups. There are hundreds of tech startup that are coming up in all corners of the country. Switzerland is today a leading country in the world in terms of providing the best facilities for startups to develop. The startups have made Switzerland a highly developed country and one where the global economic recession had minimal effects. There are numerous benefits that the startup industry has created in the country. As of today, the country can absorb a huge number of its skilled workforce into productive businesses within the country. There is a high number of job opportunities that have been created by the startups that can develop.


Switzerland is not the only country that has startups. However, Switzerland has managed to stand out than the rest. The reason why Switzerland is performing better than other countries is that they have a high conversion rate of startups into profitable businesses. Many startups in the country are managed properly and therefore have become profit-generating businesses. The good thing about Switzerland is that there are numerous incubators for startup businesses. These incubators play a significant role in making the industry develop at a fast pace.


Startups in the country have a higher potential of developing into full-blown businesses because the young entrepreneurs are being mentored sufficiently such that they can manage business ventures on their own without depending on other people. When a country has a high number of successful businesses, then there is a high probability that the economy of that country will develop at a faster rate than others that are struggling.


Mike Baur is one entrepreneur who is interested in the startup industry. He is the co-founder of a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. This is a company that is doing exemplary work strengthening the startup industry in the country. As the co-founder of this company, he has played a critical role in expanding its business activities across the country. Swiss Startup Factory is currently supporting young entrepreneurs in the country to grow their business by imparting them with the necessary business skills and knowledge to develop their business ideas.


Mike Baur is committed to this cause. So far, his company has mentored very many people. The company runs a program where participants are taken through there months of mentorship. They are trained on how to market their products to international audiences. They are also given an opportunity to interact with successful business people from the country and beyond.