Ransomware Can Be Stopped By Rubica

It is incredibly important to fully grasp the gravity of the cyber attacks that are becoming more effective every year. After I was hacked, I started to look into this information and what I found shocked me. Cyber security attacks using ransomware affect big businesses, corporations, the government, and individuals as well. The cost of cyber security attacks is growing at an exponential rate that the country cannot keep up with. The government is spending billions each year after these attacks and now medical devices are being targeted as well. If the country cannot afford these costs, neither can you.


I use Rubica as my personal cyber security company. They keep all my information private and protect it for me. I never have to worry about being hacked or ransomware again. It is was very simple to get started and all I had to do was download the app. The friendly team at Rubica handled the rest and safely moved all my information to their secure and private database. They monitor everything and make sure that my information stays safe. They also offer a free cyber risk audit so you can determine whether this would be a good option for you and your information.