Rocketship Education

The education system is failing many students. Parents across the country want new options for educating their children. Various public school systems lack the funding to help students. Few people can afford to send their children to expensive private schools.

Charter schools are a proven way for children to get the education they need. Unlike private schools, charter schools are not expensive. Rocketship Education is one of the leading charter schools in the country. The students who graduate from Rocketship Education have higher test scores than children who attend public or private schools in the area.


One of the most significant issues in the public school system is a lack of discipline from students. Many teachers have to spend a substantial amount of classroom time disciplining students.

At Rocketship Education, the students agree to a behavior code. Students who do not abide by the behavior code are kicked out of the school. Proper classroom discipline helps teachers spend more time focusing on the educational needs of students.

Lottery System

The most significant issue with charter schools is the application process. Unlike most schools, charter schools have numerous people who want to attend class. Most schools have to hold a lottery system to choose students. Rocketship Education attempts to provide students with a quality education. However, the school has too many students who want to attend. This high demand is one of the reasons that the school is expected to grow in the coming years.

Next Steps

The leaders of Rocketship Education want to offer an online learning option for students who do not live in the local area. Online education is a viable option for students of all ages. Not only would this program help Rocketship Education, but it would also allow more students to get the education they need to succeed.