Securus Technologies–According to Its Loyal Customers Continues to Revolutionize How Criminal Investigations are Carried Out by Way of its Dependable Technologies and Services

Securus Technologies, remains the leader, as it pertains to providing the criminal justice system sound and reliable ways to address investigations, and in keeping the correctional environment a safer environment. The company is quite instrumental in enabling the community of law enforcement and the correctional institution, with the technologies and services, relative to properly monitoring activities, on the inside. The company’s initiative is to assure that crimes are prevented, and in assisting the law enforcement agency in solving crimes, which exist, as well as criminal activities going on between inmates, inside of the correctional facility.


It is not surprising that many correctional facilities, as well as law enforcement agencies, have attained great success, in conducting their on-going investigations and in the resolution of those investigations—using the technologies and services of Securus Technologies. The praise of the company’s performance, in way of technological investigative solutions, comes from all areas of the United States.


The company has received hundreds upon hundreds of emails and letters, of correspondence, from its satisfied customers. The customers have suggested, in so many words, that without the technological assistance, in way of industrial strength service and technologies, offered by the company, their respective jobs would be much more difficult. This innate desire of Securus Technologies, is to assure the corrections environment, remains a safer environment.


The fact is easily apparent in what its customer base has to say about its revolutionary services and technologies.


Summaries, of certain emails and correspondence, from a customer base that has been highly pleased with the outcome of an investigation; or in assuring the corrections environment is made safer is provided, to the interested reader, within the content, which will soon follow. Naturally, precise locations are not mentioned, since it is important to protect the identity of certain, innocent individuals.


Chairman and CEO of Securus, Richard A. (Rick) Smith, mentioned, that the company, on a weekly basis, is continually working, in the creation of a new product or service. The company’s associated advancement, as to technological resources, makes it possible for investigators to adequately solve crimes and assists, greatly, too, in the way of crime prevention.


Mr. Smith said that the company had received many, many pieces of correspondence and emails with regard to the company’s unique, technological solutions, and how such solutions and services adequately solved crimes and made the world, in general, a safer place, in which to live. The technological solutions, offered by Securus, are instrumental in keeping the inmate population safe, inside of the correctional environment, in addition to the inmates’ families and those serving out their sentences, at home. Mr. Smith said that the technologies the company creates, come complete with a safe element. This is to say, that Securus, makes it, its focus, to assure that safety, inside of the correctional environment, is adequately maintained.

Rick Smith, said that he was truly honored to serve the correctional marketplace as well as the agencies of law enforcement, all across the nation. Again, the article, provides the reader, with the testimonial comments, of many customers.


Summary Details Supplied by Satisfied Customers of Securus Technologies:


One customer, stated, that he was quite pleased, that he was able to attain a search warrant, based on the technological assistance of a Securus. He said he was able to extract information from a phone conversation, of a corrupted correctional staff member, wherein this person was devising a plan to introduce contraband, into the prison environment. The investigators were very appreciative of the Securus technology and associated service, in the preceding regard. The investigators, due to their success, in the matter, further stated that they looked forward to an exceedingly long and healthy technological/business relationship with Securus Technologies.


One investigator, shared the fact, that due to the call monitoring solution, provided by Securus, he was able to secure information, that a certain inmate was in possession of alcohol. The inmate was also performing the sale of drugs, inside of the facility. The investigators, during a call-monitoring session, believed, based on the call, that a cellular type of item was more than likely being used. Information was also derived, suggesting the transfer of money, a former crime-related incident—during which gun shots were fired, and a person, on the outside, admitting to the sale of discounted pharmaceuticals. The information, according to the investigator, was necessary, in solving a crime; and he would not have attained it, had it not been for the reliable, revolutionary, niche technologies, provided by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has many, many loyal customers. One customer states that he has relied on the technologies, supplied by the company, for well over a Decade. He stated that he was quite pleased with the company’s commitment to the correctional market and in making the world a better and safer place, in which to live. He stated that the creative and competitive company spirit of Securus served the needs of his institution, greatly. The progressive thinking of Securus Technologies, according to this particular customer, is one of its best features.


The next customer, stated that he thought the purposeful, visionary strategy, by which Securus Technologies, approached the correctional market, as well as law enforcement agencies, was truly awesome. He stated, too, that the company’s objectives, in the improvement of its technologies, and expanding capabilities, was very useful to the community of law enforcement and the correctional environment. The company plays an integral role in assuring that law enforcement agencies, are postured well, in way of preventing crimes. The technologies, which continually evolve and become better and better, provided by Securus Technologies, according to this client, are an enhancement to investigative procedures, used by the law enforcement agency.


The next client stated, in so many words, that he was profoundly happy with the reporting detail of reports provided by Securus Technologies. He used, as an example, that reporting, he was provided, made it possible for the law enforcement agency, where he works, to act in a very proactive, responsive manner. He made positive use of monitoring technologies, provided by Securus, in addition to using the information provided on the reports. In doing so, the agency and correctional facility was highly successful in deterring the introduction of contraband, inside of the prison system.


Another client, stated, that he was well satisfied with the technology, provided by the company, and how that technology enhanced his criminal investigations. He said that he and his team, were able to investigate a harassment complaint, inside of the correctional environment. He stated, as well, that the technologies and services, provided by Securus, made it possible to more easily address potential threats to that of security, inside of the correctional environment, as well as the surrounding, outside community.


The next customer intimated that he made a call to the technological team at Securus Technologies. He and his staff, were not all that familiar with the covert alert feature, with regard to a technological tool, they were using. Once he called Securus’s support staff, he and his team proceeded using the feature, successfully. As a result, they were able to make an arrest.


One investigator stated that he recently listened in on an inmate-to-inmate call. During the course of this call, he heard another conversation taking place. An older sibling, was instructing another sibling how to answer questions, with respect to a shooting, which had taken place. In hearing this information, the investigator said he would be able to more easily solve the case.


The LBS Software was very useful and practical for another Securus customer. The software was used in conjunction with law enforcement resources. The Sheriff’s Department, within a certain locale, made use of the software and was able to recover millions of dollars in cash and drugs as well as other assets. The Sheriff’s Department said that without the use of the software, provided by Securus Technologies, it would have experienced a very trying time in recovery of the preceding items and cash. The Department, also suggested, without the use of the software, under certain situations, such a recovery would have been impossible.

Another law enforcement agency said that the LBS Services, offered by Securus Technologies, is enough of a reason, in maintaining a continual relationship with the company. The representative of the agency, said, too, that the LBS technology, used in partnership, with that of Investigator Pro, makes Securus Technologies a most reliable provider, in the way of jail phone service and within the law enforcement industry.


Securus Technologies Keeps its Doors Open to that of its Customer-Base and Interested Parties:


Securus Technologies is committed to its customers and potential clients. It provides technological services and products, that continue to evolve and designed particularly with the correctional environment and law enforcement industry, in mind. The company, encourages interested persons to visit its technology center located in Dallas, Texas. The center provides visitors with a presentation about the company’s technologies.


Information about Securus Technologies:


The home base of the company, as stated above, is Dallas, Texas. The company provides services to a broad spectrum of the correctional market. The company is committed to serving the needs of the law enforcement and correctional communities. Securus Technologies provides technologies associated with emergency response, incident management, public data and info management services, services of a self-service nature for the correctional facility resident; bio-metric analyses, monitoring technologies and more.


The technologies, provided by Securus Technologies, are fundamental, in assuring that the world is a safer place. Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters®.

Any law enforcement agency or correctional facility, who wishes to find out more, in the way of information, may pay a visit to the Securus site:


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