Securus Technologies and the Battle on Gang Violence

Gang violence inside a prison is one of the most dangerous parts of being a corrections officer. There are days where I am right in the middle of a heated war with these gang members, and had it not been for precautions we take, many of my team could be in the hospital or worse. The gang members in jail are angry at authority and other gangs, and they are able to lash out in a seconds notice. To try and maintain a certain degree of order, it is important that my team is working hard to keep the peace.


We start by making sure all drugs and weapons are removed from this equation. These two things have the potential to turn any confrontation into a deadly one, so we will use every resource possible to weed out these issues. When inmates have guests come to the visitor center, my team will search both inmate and guest to make sure nothing illegal gets in. We do several cell inspections each day to make sure nothing is hiding where the inmates can access it.


Securus Technologies installed their telephone monitoring system in our jail, and this resource has become invaluable in the fight to keep drugs and weapons out of the jail too. The company has 1,000 employees who all work to make the planet a safer place for us all to live. These systems can be found in 2,500 jails around the country, allowing officers to use the LBS software to detect chatter from inmates about gang-related issues.


Since my teams has been using the software, we have picked up on conversations where gang members were ordering others to sell drugs, ordering others to hide weapons, and even ordering hits on rival gangs. Each alert helps us take immediate action to make our facility safer.


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