Securus Technologies Purchases GovtPayNet For Better Payment Services

For more than ten years, Securus Technologies has been a leading service provider of communications gadgets in correctional facilities. This company thrives in its ability to provide revolutionary services and products. Securus announced the acquisition of a company that deals with high-tech payment services. GovPayNet is a firm that has mastered the art of providing payment services. The partnership will revolutionize communication and payment services in prisons.


The Reason for Acquisition


Why is Securus Technologies acquiring GovPayNet ? GovPayNet leads in providing solution-oriented services. These services cover credit besides debit card payments. These services are government -focus–d. GovPayNet also provides its consumers with many payment processing services. These services cover court fines , bails , speeding as well as parking violations. These are just some of the services that the renowned company covers. GovPayNet has provided its services to over 1,000 agencies across America. This is a reflection of the future that Securus Technologies is delving into.


Picken’s Comments


According to Pickens, the chief executive officer of Securus Technolgies , his management is elated to be part of GovPayNet. This is becausethe company has added an extra portfolio to its management. He also said that Securus Technolgoies and GovPayNet will focus on advanced projects to better America.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a solution-oriented safety company. The firm provides technological services to law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. Aside from that, Securus Technologies invents advanced communication’s gadgets for its clients. Since its foundation, the firm has worked for more than 2,000 correctional facilities. This is a positive review that sets Securus Technologies apart. America’s future is in safe hands. This is because Securus Technologies is always generating partnerships to foster security. An additional aspect that makes it a leading service provider for communications and safety is its focus. Securus Technologies focuses on developing new gadgets.


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