Taking the Entertainment Industry to the Next Level under Tobias Jaeger

An alumni of Maastricht University, Netherlands, Tobias Jaeger is considered a guru and nothing but an expert in the field of media and entertainment. Tobias Jaeger who is the Managing Director of AXIOM Venture Capital has been running companies ever since he was in University. AXIOM Venture Capital is simply a consulting advisory that specializes in entertainment, content and the media industry. By doing various transactions in the entertainment industry, AXIOM raises and provides ready capital for firms in the entertainment industry. For a firm to get such funding, the entity should be producing top-notch entertainment content either on film or television for the public. Since AXIOM is an entrepreneurial firm, it therefore takes each and every funding as an investment. Hence every investment is driven to help the funded enterprise do what it does best. This in the end, will make the firm run smooth and grow significantly.


With its headquarters in Upper Eastside Berlin, Germany, AXIOM does not just fund any firm. This is because it is driven to provide stellar services therefore it makes sure it only partners with the right people and firms. In 2007, Tobias Jaeger started his career when he founded Business Associates Europe, his first company. Business Associates Europe basically came up with a way of providing consulting services to firm in a unique manner. The firm brought together University students and experienced consultants and through that thorough research was carried out and availed to various firms. These services were not only available to entities in Netherlands but also those outside the Netherlands.


Tobias Jaeger then went on to venture into e-gaming together with a major poker player and the two came up with the popular StrategosPoker. This was a platform where one could learn the ins and outs of poker, how to play professionally and even earn a good amount of money. Later on, Tobias Jaeger, became the Managing Director of Entrepreneur Academy. This was a firm based in Europe that offered courses to empower emerging entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs were mainly from the Middle East and Europe.


Not long after that, Tobias Jaeger joined ‘Thought for Food,’ which was a Swiss initiative concentrated mainly in the entertainment industry. The initiative was driven at documenting and showcasing how the future leaders could use technology as a tool for reshaping the food industry. Shot in various parts of the world like Kenya and Netherlands, the documentary is aimed at developing new business models to feed the globe. After that, Tobias has been enthusiastic about the entertainment industry and was even involved in launching AXIOM Pictures and later AXIOM Venture Capital.


Tobias Jaeger, who is enthusiastic about traveling and networking with people says that the idea about AXIOM Venture Capital came at a time that he had not even planned. It was when he was working on a project with AXIOM Pictures that he noticed something important. He noticed that many TV firms were not setting up at the right angle and really needed help both financially and in terms of expertise. Through this man Tobias who does a lot of research, the entertainment industry is destined for greatness.


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