Talos Energy

The Great Investment Partner, Talos Energy

According to the article, Talos Energy Incorporation whose chief executive officer is Timothy Duncan, will be formed thorough merging of Stone Energy Corporation and Talos Energy LLC. Coming together of the companies will ensure that they improve in their work. The sharing of their resources will ensure that they earn an opportunity of being the premier offshore production and exploration company, because they will be able to share exploration therefore improving their transaction activities. It also will ensure that the flexibility of the finances will be increased. Talos Energy Incorporation is expected to improve in terms of finances, their credit facility, it has an office in New Orleans and Lafayette. In addition, the Incorporation will consist of board members from both companies, with six members from Talos Energy LLC and four from Stone Energy Corporation. The financial advisors of Talos and Stone Energy are the Citigroup and UBS Investment banks respectively.

Another thing is that, Talos has five legal councils including Rifkind and Weiss. On the other hand, has two legal counsel which include Feld LLP.Furthermore, coming together of the company will mean that they both have to combine their stakeholders and hence, Talos LLP manages to get a higher percentage compared to Stone Energy. According to Neal Goldman chairman of Stone Energy Corporation, the merging will improve on the restructuring of the Stone’s finances which was almost facing bankruptcy. The Talos Incorporation has gotten to improve on their technology and improved on its finances status and expanded the market. It was able to acquire the Huston based Helix energy solutions group incorporation known as Energy Resource Technology, which is oil and gas subsidiary.Talos Energy LLC is a private company that deals in gas and oil exploration and extraction from the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast.

It is supported with investments from the Talos Management, Apollo Global Management and Riverside Holdings LLC. To begin with, Helix Energy Solutions Group has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. It provides field services to the market dealing with energy and consists of an oil and gas business too. It also an international offshore company dealing in energy while providing solutions to development.On the other hand, Riverside Holdings LLC is a private equity firm which raises its funds from seven investments including the renewable energy fund that is largest in the world. In the energy industry, it is in charge of oilfield services, exploration and production among others. To conclude on these companies is the Apollo Global Management LLC, which has managed its assets by investing them in nine industries which it is well acquainted to in the form of credit, real estate and private equity. It has offices in Europe, USA and Middle East.