The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund And The Fight For Human Rights

The battles to secure human, civil and migrant rights are inextricably intertwined. Every human being is entitled to certain basic rights regardless of their race, ethnicity, country of birth or immigration status.

Even after thousands of years of human civilization, there are still countries where groups of people are denied basic human rights for a variety of reasons. These groups are often forced to live in substandard housing, paid low wages, denied proper education and healthcare and are arrested and incarcerated at higher rates than the general public. This is inhumane.

There are people of good conscience all over the world that see these injustices and refuse to stand idly by while others are subjected to unjust, illegal, inhumane treatment just because of their race of immigration statues. These days migrants are common victims of discrimination and abhorrent treatment in many countries around the world.

Their plight dovetails with the battles other populations are waging to make sure their human rights and civil rights are respected and guaranteed.

Humans have been migrating all over the planet for thousands of years in search of better living conditions. That means everyone on the planet is the child of a migrant and therefore equal. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

There are a number of organizations around the world that are involved in the fight for human, civil and migrant rights every day. While their collective action has led to victories on many fronts, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to ensure the humanity of every human being is recognized and their right to exist respected.

Some of the regional, national and international organizations involved in working for basic rights for all people include: the United Nations, International Detention Coalition, Center for Media Justice, Center for Third World Organizing, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Human Right Watch, Amnesty International and Global Rights.

In the Southwestern United States there is an organization that’s in the forefront of the battle for human, civil and migrant rights in the face of a rising tide of xenophobia and egregious migration policies. That organization is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization was created by journalists Michael and Jim.

Co-founders of the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, these men have spent their entire careers fight for their First Amendment rights. They were arrested in the middle of the night in October, 2007 by Joe Arpaio, the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Their crime? Refusing to give up the notes for an article on the sheriff as well as the names of people who read articles about the sheriff online.

Lacey and Larkin sued the county and were awarded $3.75 million. The two journalist took the settlement money and created the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund is used to support organizations throughout Arizona that are involved in fighting for human, civil and migrant rights, freedom of speech, as well as civic participation throughout Arizona. That includes the Mexican border, “la línea fronteriza”.

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