The Life of the Skillful Recruiter Executive Julie Zuckerberg

Millennial’s, unlike the baby boomers, do not view work as important and for them, college education only increased their debt instead of assisting them. Julie Zuckerberg is a contemporary recruiter with the suitable skills in recruiting and retaining these millennials. Julie has approximately 15 years experience in financial recruiting and has held executive positions for several corporations. Currently, Julie Zuckerberg is the VP and Executive Recruiter Lead at Deutsche Bank working in their downtown New York office. Deutsche Bank is among the biggest financial firms across the globe that have branches in nearly 70 nations. This financial establishment handles the banking needs of high net worth persons and some commercial clientele from the top companies in the universe.


Zuckerberg has a great educational foundation with a degree in philosophy from the City University of New York, Brooklyn, and a Juris Doctor from the New York Law School. Julie became passionate about recruiting during the early stages in her profession. As a result, she works with others to coach them in managing and acquiring talent, staff training conflict resolution, applicant tracking systems, elite sourcing, interviewing skills, and succession planning.


After finishing her studies, Julie began her recruiter career at Hudson where he worked as the Director of Candidate Placement from 2002 to 2007. During this time, her responsibilities at the firm included recruiting paralegals lawyers, and case managers as well as other professionals for several large companies. Additionally, her clients who were from both large and small financial establishments consulted Julie on workplace conflict resolution.


Zuckerberg later moved to Citi Global Functions where she worked as the VP and the Executive Recruiter. During her time, she managed to recruit the Director and Managing Director of CitiCards and Citi Global. Additionally, Julie handled legal and compliance matters as well as auditing for the firm. Zuckerberg used social media platforms, direct sourcing, internet search, and employee referrals to get hold of the top candidates that will fill the demanding posts.


Julie moved to New York Life Insurance Company where she undertook talent acquisition company support for multiple recruitment procedures in different departments. Moreover, she also worked with the senior management in developing business strategies and providing solutions. After her time at this company, she joined Deutsche Bank in 2015 and is still working there to date.


When not working, Julie enjoys photography, arts and cultures, traveling, and home décor. Zuckerberg considers herself a ‘foodie,’ and she spends time visiting some of the best restaurants in New York City. Additionally, Zuckerberg spends a great deal of her time advocating and contributing to ventures focusing on human rights, economic empowerment, animal welfare, and social issues. Julie loves healthy living, and she partakes in several new exercises to alter her exercising routine. She challenges others to reach their fitness goals as well. Julie Zuckerberg is an all rounded individual who represents the best interests of Deutsche Bank aiding the corporation in attaining its highest level in recruitment for the last three years.



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