The Roberto Santiago Effect on Brazilian Real Estate

Roberto Santiago is someone that many people may not know if they are visiting Brazil, but many people know about his creation. He is the real estate investor that is primarily responsible for the mega mall that is known as the Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago has been able to do some great things with this mall, and it appears that he may be creating one of the most popular mall environments for those that may have never visited a mega mall that has a little bit of everything.


Roberto Santiago has been quite busy when it comes to real estate, and he has made it possible for so many people to have a better tourism experience. The Manaira Mall is actually something that tourists are interested in visiting because it is gigantic. There are tons of stores for shopping, and there is also a massive food court for anyone that wants to enjoy a meal after they have shopped.


These are the typical things that people find in the mall, but Roberto Santiago went to a couple of steps further. He has been able to create a mall environment that actually embraces a lot of diversity with a concert hall, bar, movie theater, amusement park and bowling alley.


Roberto Santiago has really shown a lot of people that he is serious about what he is doing when it comes to creating a grand experience for shoppers in Brazil. People have really taken to this mall because it is something of a tourist attraction.


There are few people that are going to be able to say that they have access to a mall of this caliber at home. That may be the reason why it has to come such a popular area for people to visit.


It definitely has become the mall that people like if they want to engage and lots of different activities. People that have been able to see this mall will typically go back and visit again for things that they may have missed before. There is so much to do here. Few will be able to get everything in in one visit. That may be another reason why it has become such a large attraction. People tend to come back several times to experience the amusement park or go bowling when they are on another shopping trip.


Roberto Santiago has done a remarkable job when it comes to creating an atmosphere that would provide a fun time for people that are experiencing Brazil for the first time. There really is no need to ride all over Brazil when you have the Manaira Mall at your disposal. This puts you in the mist of all the action.